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About Us

Who we are Dream It..Dive It..Believe It

2_pic1Our Mission Statement

At Jomtien Dive Center our mission statement is: Every customer counts. What this means to us is that we are not satisfied with a group as a whole being happy, unless every individual within that group is happy.

In order to make that happen we aim to provide you with:

An experience that is safe and enjoyable, An experience with knowledgeable and helpful professionals, An experience that does not feel rushed, An experience catered to your needs.
Whether you are a snorkeler, a student diver, or a veteran diver, you are all part of the family when you are with Jomtien Dive Center.

Why Us?Dream It..Dive It..Believe It

Our Team
The Jomtien Dive Center team consists of multi-national and multi-lingual individuals whose passion for diving and passion for teaching scuba diving has drawn them together.

Be forewarned our passion for the ocean is contagious.

As dedicated Dive Professionals we are all eager to share that which we love with all who are willing to learn.All our team members are highly experienced, knowledgeable, friendly, and eager to share Pattaya’s Beauty with you.

What We Stand For
In the modern day and age SCUBA Diving is an immensely popular sport amongst visitors from all parts of the globe. With the growing number of people joining the dive community, and with more and more people recognizing the importance of our marine ecology, marine conservation has also become increasingly paramount for many modern divers.

With the very same concerns Jomtien Dive Center promotes conservation through AWARE Dive Practices. We aim to protect Pattaya’s reefs to ensure great diving for many divers and years to come.

Diving Equipment
All of our diving equipment, tanks and diving gear are manufactured by trusted professional brand name scuba diving manufacturers such as Cressi Sub, Scuba Pro, AquaLung and Apeks. Our gear is meticulously maintained to ensure your comfort and safety. All of our diving equipment is also available for rental, with advanced reservation. We are also retailer of a wide range of diving equipment: log books, dive computers, BCDs, Fins, Masks, underwater cameras, dry bags and much more.
Truly Enjoy Thailand
Our experienced team of PADI Instructors has ensured that hundreds of happy customers have enjoyed the fun of scuba diving, in the exotic paradise of Thailand, to the fullest. Find out more about how we can go the extra mile to make your scuba experience truly memorable.

Jomtien Dive Center invites you to join us on a diver’s paradise. With numerous wrecks and beautiful tropical islands surrounded by sometimes crystal clear waters, a wide variety of wonderful and fascinating coral reefs, and a vast array of exotic marine life, we can boast that it’s an experience you will never forget.

Join us and take in the full beauty of the extensive coral reefs, enormous boulder formations, wreck penetrations and white sandy sea beds. All of which house thousands of amazing creatures for you to discover. Like the timid Bamboo Sharks, colorful Cuttlefish, brave Octopus, large Sea Turtles, various Sting-Rays, and countless Nudibranchs. With such great diversity and abundance of marine life, you are sure to have a great time with us, whether you are exploring the depths as a diver, or skimming the surface a s a snorkeler.The beauty of Thailand emanates through it’s rich Buddhist heritage which is ever present during everyday encounters with the Thai people. They are very polite and humble in their ways, always providing a helpful hand for foreign visitors and always with a smile.

Come and join Jomtien Dive Center and let our friendly dive team and boat crew provide you with a fantastic diving holiday, in the wonderful and warm country of Thailand. While on board you will also be treated to the amazing tastes of Thailand during our buffet style lunch, which varies from day to day. If you are looking to try your hand at Thai, and would like a new linguistic adventure, our Thai boat crew are always ready to help. All major European languages are spoken on our boats by our dive team, which gives you a feeling of being home away from home.

our staff Dream It..Dive It..Believe It

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