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Where did Pattaya come from?


The name Pattaya evolved from the march of Phraya Tak (later King Taksin) and his army from Ayutthaya to Chanthaburi, which took place before the fall of the former capital to Burmese invaders in 1767.

When the army arrived in the vicinity of what is now Pattaya, Phraya Tak encountered the troops of a local leader named Nai Klom, who tried to intercept him. When the two met face to face, Nai Klom was impressed by Phraya Tak’s dignified manner and his army’s strict discipline. He surrendered without a fight and joined his forces. The place the armies confronted each other was thereafter known as “Thap Phraya”, which means the “army of the Phraya”.

This later became Pattaya, the name of the wind blowing from the southwest to the northeast at the beginning of the rainy season. Giving divers shelter most of the year round.

Pattaya at this time was a small fishing village until the early 1960s. Then, during the Vietnam War, American servicemen stationed at nearby U-Tapao or other US bases in Thailand began visiting Pattaya. One story, unverified of course but a reliable source, has it that it all started when a group of 500 American soldiers stationed at the military base in Korat were driven to Pattaya on 29 June 1959 for a week of rest and relaxation.

They rented several houses at the south end of the beach from a prominent Thai, Lord Sunthorn. Despite their short stay, the GIs had a great time and raved about the place. The word spread among other American soldiers stationed in the region and Pattaya quickly became a hot alternative to Bangkok. Pattaya developed into a popular beach resort. Now greatly expanded, it attracts over 4 to 5 million visitors a year.

Fishing’ huts along the beach were replaced by resort hotels and retail stores, including Asia’s largest beachfront shopping mall, the CentralFestival Pattaya Beach Mall and hotel (Hilton) on Beach Rd in central Pattaya.

Today Pattaya is making efforts to clean up its image to become a family-oriented seaside destination. Closing many bars and trying to make it a place of fun for both adults and children.


Why Pattaya?


General information that you might find useful within Pattaya Thailand.

The city is world-famous for several things, including scuba diving holidays. This is one of Thailand’s most popular beach resort with many islands to choose from, It is also where many locals and foreigners come for vacation to enjoy the beach and vibrant nightlife.

Scuba diving holidays are popular within Pattaya as it’s probably one of the best training grounds available, with a number of really good wreck,currents and sometimes visibility issues, having said that their are many scuba diving area’s that are in pristine condition with great visibility, so as you can see it’s caters for all types of divers from novices to professional, basically a great dive experience.

Diving in Pattaya is popular among those who have travel limits or who want to enjoy themselves We offer scuba diving courses for all levels from beginner to Master instructor.

Whichever scuba diving course you are interested in, from Open Water Diver licence to Full Trimix Diver, it is possible to train for it in Pattaya.

While divers wanting to visit Pattaya we at Jomtien Dive Center pride ourselves on trying to keep our prices down to a minimum without compromising on quality and service we offer.

If you require any additional information , please see our Training, Snorkling & Diving pages. Please click here for Prices


What about the Nightlife in Pattaya?


Pattaya offers some of the best night life within Thailand which caters for all different types of people, from night clubs to bars and some amazing food outlets.

Pattaya nightlife is world-famous. it’s difficult to even think about walking out and not going to Walking Street, the bright lights and glare of its overlapping neon signs for clubs, discos, and bars will entice you.

This mile of madness in South Pattaya has some great entertainment basically a 24 hour city, will have your heart racing with some of the entertainment it has to offer. it’s without a doubt the best nightlife on the entire eastern seaboard of Thailand.

There’s a lot more to nightlife in Pattaya than just Walking Street, thpattaya-nightlifeough. There are other nightlife hubs, each with a different vibe and different attractions: The cheapest drinks are between the Sois 7 and 8 district; Sois 6/1 and 13/1 are renowned for their ladyboy bars; Pattayaland and Boyztown are jam-packed with gay clubs; where as Second Road is home to two of the many cabaret shows.

There’s a street for any kind of night in Pattaya.

Why not come and book with us today and take the challenge of a lifetime. If you want see more information on both Pattaya & Thailand, please check out our dedicated You Tube playlist.

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