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 A Days Snorkeling


Snorkeling In Pattaya is a terrific amount of fun for all wanna-be Snorkelers which very often feel left out when around Scuba Divers.  This is certainly not the case at Jomtien Dive Centre Pattaya.

Snorkelling Pattaya Jomtien dive CenterWe take every effort in supporting you in your snorkeling activity giving you fun and excitement and a great day out in Pattaya. It is very important that we find some of the best Snorkeling spots for you, we are more than happy to welcome Snorkelers and Passengers on board our boat.

Generally we tend to go to the far islands as there are fewer speed boats and jet skis to disturb you also the the visibility is normally better.  You will be surprised by the abundant amount of small marine life and coral formations here in Pattaya. This is what we refer to as shore corals, that is to say that they start at the shoreline and descend away from there.  This tends to makes snorkelling a very easy and convenient activity, Basically you just swim along the shoreline and see some amazing sites, you really cannot go wrong!  We provide all snorkelling gear it is all included in the price also lunch tea’s, coffee’s, and soft drinks are all provided free of charge.

Pattaya SnorkellingIf you would rather stay dry why not come and join us for a day of bronzing and relaxation with the warm ocean breezes on your back. Our very experienced Captain & Crew will assure you will have an enjoyable and relaxed day.  We provide a delicious European & Thai Lunch around midday.

PLEASE Don’t forget your camera !!

As there are many beautiful pictures to take on the day of all the islands and the marine life. If you do not have a camera we can take the pictures for you with our underwater camera.

We also provide Pickup and drop offs from your Hotel our Boat normally leave the pier at 9.00 am every morning so pickups are about 8:30am Return Approx 4:00pm.

If you have never tried snorkelling before and do not know how to do it, don’t worry, we can provide a guide onboard to show you everything you need to know.We will also provide life jackets to anyone who is not a strong swimmer so what are you waiting for?

Come and join us TODAY for a great day of snorkeling.

Look forward to seeing you soon for  a fun day out, it’s only 1,000 Baht per person. Please contact us for special promotions and group bookings. We always guarantee to give the best price available at the time.

Pattaya’s Near Islands

imgres-1Snorkeling in Pattaya with four different islands, and numerous dive sites at less than an hour travel from the Bali Hai pier, Pattaya’s Near Islands are a short journey away before your first plunge into the water and having a fun and exciting day out.

With a wide variety of fish and coral at various depths our sites are suitable for everyone and all ages and a great way to spend the day relaxing and enjoying the Thai Sunshine. Every dive or snorkel is a unique experience with our experienced instructors on-board to help you every step of the way. So why not Book a Day Of Diving or a Day Of Snorkelling with Jomtien Dive Centre Pattaya  today and see what you can find.We will always do our best to make certain that you have a great day with us.

for more information about the near islands (click on here)

Pattaya’s Far Islands

imgres-2Snorkeling in Pattaya the Far Islands provide the best Dive and Snorkels Pattaya has to offer. If you are looking for dives with lush colours and hundreds of fish, then our five far islands are where you want to be.

Located approximately an hour and a half away from the Bali Hai Pier, Pattaya’s Far Islands offer ideal conditions for both Snorkelers and Divers. Warm, clear waters, makes visiting the far islands an exciting and comfortable experience for you and all those with you. Book a Day Of Diving or a Day Of Snorkeling with Jomtien Dive Centre today and get ready for a wonderful day out.

For more information on the Far islands please ( Click Here)

Snorkeling Pattaya